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Bus stop: Brownlow Street (WC1) (Stop R)

Location: Holborn, London
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The time now is 16:58

Route: 242

        Expected:17:01    to Tottenham Ct Rd
        Expected:17:24    to Tottenham Ct Rd

Route: 25

        Expected:17:03    to Oxford Circus
        Expected:17:04    to Oxford Circus
        Expected:17:12    to Oxford Circus

Route: 521

        Expected:17:01    to Waterloo
        Expected:17:06    to Waterloo
        Expected:17:08    to Waterloo

Route: 8

        Expected:16:59    to Tottenham Ct Rd
        Expected:17:04    to Tottenham Ct Rd
        Expected:17:07    to Tottenham Ct Rd

Data source: Countdown